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Gran Vista
Dario Beck suns his muscled body by the pool in front of a ‘gran vista,’ a great view because it includes Abraham Al Malek. Abraham dives into the pool and swims towards Dario. He emerge...
Boyfucker 2
Thick hard cocks must be blown, and tight, virgin holes have to be getting fucked. Slowly our guys come closer to each other to be faster to take out their clothes for licking and fucking their hole...
Red Hot Calendar
A donation will be made to anti-bullying charities from the sale of this calendar.
Some young guys dream of winning Wimbledon or some other tennis slam; but others, like this horny bunch of top-notch fuckers, simply want to enjoy slamming of a very different kind - namely into...
Weapoms Of Ass Dest...
Load, aim and shoot! Enrolled in the army and away from their girlfriends; these horny young lads are taking their sexual frustration out on their comrades’ asses! Training all day taking orde...
Top Sellers
Take Ten
We have had so many calls from our gay clients asking if they do a gay collection, well guess what, we have got together with Blue Vanities and acqu...
Naughty Neighbo...
While the wives are away, the men will play! These horny men share a street and now each other’s holes! It doesn’t take long for our new...
Burly Buggers
The big lads are back, chests like barrels, big legs, big, fat cocks, big loads, big appetites, no short measures here. Scott Hunter is in leg sprea...
Deliver This
The quest for the fastest - not to mention the hottest! - delivery service in the Czech Republic sees a collection of cute, babe-faced beaut...
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